A new year is finally here! Let 2021 be the year where you decide to put yourself and your skin first. Last year taught us the value of self-care, patience, and reflection. Many of us took ample time at home to try out new serums, lotions, and potions. We had fun while we couldn’t go outside, trying on face masks that promised plump, dewy skin and youthful radiance.

At the Surani Clinic, we have trained professionals ready to enhance your skin in ways that go far beyond what your skincare products can do. We want to be there for you as you give yourself (or a well-deserving friend) the gift of gorgeous skin! Our laser treatment gift cards are the perfect, classic present that you can easily add to your cart!

We invite you to explore the laser skin packages on our website and remember that your dream skin is just an appointment away.

There is no time like the present to take care of your skin, to fade the age spots, redness, and fine lines that come from taking your daily walks and squinting at a computer screen!

As a sneak peek, here is some information about our best-selling laser skin packages and services that clients LOVE!

1) Our Anti-Aging Package stimulates collagen production that instantly smooths and evens out hyperpigmentation and aging skin. We offer eight or ten sessions depending on your choice of a 2D or 3D package!

2) Our Titan Skin Tightening Package targets sagging skin on the face and body. It’s our secret weapon for defying gravity and turning back the clock! The package contains three sessions.

3) Forget shaving, waxing, or anything else, and book our Laser Hair Removal Package! As a limited-time offer, get 50% OFF a second package with your purchase of one 8-treatment package.


Give the gift of gorgeous skin with our laser treatment gift cards, and start 2021 off in the best way!

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