Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

2014-04-23 17:11:05

Laser Hair Removal will remove your unwanted hair. Instead of shaving every day, or waxing every week you can just come in a couple of times for your treatments and your hair will be gone leaving you with no more worries about hair removal. Although you may not have an issue with shaving or waxing, when you add up all the time and money spent it’s better to consider the option of Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal is painless, and only takes 6-8 treatments. Although there are some side effects such as redness and swelling, these effects are temporary. Treatments are done every 4-6 weeks meaning that you can finish all your treatments in less than a year and will no longer need to spend money on razors or waxing after that. Results last for many years and will usually remove 75-95% of the hair in the treated area.

Our clinic uses American Dermaogical Society’s “Laser of the year” the Cutera coolglide and also the Prowave. We use the best equipment so our patients can have the best results. Also our medical professionals have had over 10 years of experience therefore you guaranteed to be in good hands at our clinic.

If you are tired of shaving and waxing or are just interested in a different form of hair removal then consider Laser Hair Removal at Surani Clinic. For more information about Laser Hair Removal visit our Laser Hair Removal page under skin treatments Skin Treatments. Call us at (416)510-0100 for a FREE consultation today! You can be one step closer to removing unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal

2014-04-15 16:28:47

Laser hair removal is a good choice to consider if you want to stop shaving, waxing, and generally want to stop constant hair removal in specific areas. Laser hair removal is a type of procedure that consists of a beaming light, which is highly concentrated, targeted into your hair follicles. Later the light is absorbed by the pigment in your hair follicles that ends up destroying the unwanted hair.

Preparing for your Treatment

It is important to remember that laser hair removal is a medical treatment that requires lots of training however has some risks. If you are considering treatment, 6 weeks before your treatment you should try to minimize any sort of “root” hair removal you are already doing such as waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis. The reason for this is because these types of methods remove the hairs roots temporarily, which is what the laser is suppose to target. Also you should try to avoid your skin being exposed to the sun because it gives a bigger chance for problems after your treatment and makes the laser hair removal not so effective.

Expectations during Laser Hair Removal

The hair that will be receiving treatment will be trimmed to a couple of millimeters near the surface of your skin before your procedure is started. The laser equipments will be personally adjusted to you; skin color, thickness, area of hair, and color of hair. You may be asked to wear eye protections depending on the laser/light source being used. A protection for the skin such as a special cooling device may be required in order for the laser light to penetrate the skin. A test will be run; for a couple of minutes a pulse of light will be directed toward the treatment area to make sure all settings are correct and to see if the way your body is reacting is okay to begin the procedure. You may be given products to sooth the skin such as ice packs, lotions etc. after your procedure is finished. Another treatment may be scheduled in about 4-6 weeks, and you will continue this procedure until the hair has permanently stopped growing.

The benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you would like unwanted hair from areas such as your legs, arms, face, bikini line and other areas of your body laser hair is a good option to choose. Lasers are precise and are able to target dark and coarse hairs however leaving the skin undamaged. It takes less than a second to eliminate many hairs in one pulse. Large areas such as legs can take up to an hour to treat however small areas such as your upper lip may be treated in less than 1 minute. Permanent loss of hair in the areas you are doing your treatment is very common, usually after an average of 3 to 5 sessions.

Risks and Recovery

The area that your skin was treated may feel irritated and have temporary redness as if it was sunburned after 1-2 days since your treatment has been complete. If your area of treatment was your face and it is red you, are allowed to cover up or just generally wear makeup, unless your skin gets irritated with a bad reaction such as blistering. Patients with darker complexions have a larger chance of blisters however they are rare. There may be possibilities of side effects such as redness, swelling and scaring, however permanent scaring is rare. The hair that was treated will fall out over the next month so it is important to protect your skin, especially from the sun, so that there will not be any color changes on your skin, even though color changes in skin is quite rare.

Pricing of Laser Hair Removal

The average cost of laser hair removal is varies depending on size of the treatment area as well as the amount of treatments required. To get an exact estimate on how much your treatment will cost, ask for a consultation.

Whats new at Surani Clinic?

2014-04-11 15:22:02

Surani Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Leaside, at the intersection of Bayview and Eglington. The clinic provides state of the art laser treatments to help you regain your natural beauty.

The clinic provides a very private and personal approach and all treatments are performed by our warm and very friendly Dr. Surani. Our clients say that they feel very comfortable and at ease after their initial consult at the clinic.

We offer complimentary consultation and come up with a very personal treatment approach to address individual aesthetic concerns. All treatments are offered are safe,effective, non-invasive with no down time using our state of the art equipments.

So call 416-510-0100 to book an appointment and find out for yourself how amazing you will feel after every treatment.

Laser Genesis

2014-04-09 18:05:43

Laser Genesis is a relaxing treatment that is available for all skin types. The procedure the laser does results in new collagen, giving you results such as even skin tone, smoothed fine lines, smaller pores, and just an overall vibrant look. This treatment is done with a non-ablative laser giving you the best results without injuring your skin, often happening with harsher techniques. Although results are subtle they are regular and won’t give you any undesired side effects such as irritation. During the treatment, skin is gently warmed without any gels giving you a relaxing procedure, and immediately after your procedure is complete your daily routine may continue. Laser Genesis will rejuvenate your skin giving you are healthier complexion and get rid of any small imperfections.

What is Laser Genesis used for?

Laser Genesis is a treatment of rejuvenation that is often targeted on the area of the chest, neck, and face giving you an improved over all look. Laser Genesis mainly improves the texture of your skin, gets rid of unnecessary facial redness, and tightens pores.

What will my skin feel like during and after the treatment?

Laser Genesis gives the skin a warm and gentle feeling, often described as “soaking the sun on the beach” The warm feeling wares off 30 minutes after the treatment is complete, and may give you a nice tingling feeling. Patients have felt a firmer face 1 day after their treatment has been complete.

How many treatments does it take to see good results?

Depending on the goal you are trying to achieve, it often takes 8 treatments which are usually 1 to 4 weeks apart, to see good results. Although results are often seen after one treatment, for best results it takes several treatments.

How long do results last?

After every treatment of Laser Genesis results increase each time, in other words better results are seen compared to your previous treatment. Collagen production continues up to 12 weeks after the last treatment you have completed. Results are usually seen to last up to at least one year; however natural aging does impact your results. To contain results it is important to take care of your skin especially protecting it from the sun.

How long do treatments take?

Treatment for the full face usually takes less than one hour. It is a rather relaxing treatment therefore medication or anesthesia is unnecessary.