The Original range consists of light, non-greasy products containing vitamin A, a free radical scavenging system of beta-carotene, vitamins C and E and provitamin B5.

Medical research and extensive trials have shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, smoothing and softening it, whilst at the same time protecting it from the effects of ultra-violet irradiation and free radicals. The most important activity of vitamin A is that it normalizes the skin. If you only buy one product - buy from this range!

The Original Range products appear alphabetically but it is essential to start using products containing Vitamin A at the lowest levels.

We therefore recommend that everyone starts using Debut. Although you might have been using creams stating they contain vitamin A they might not be from a Cosmeceutical Company and will only contain traces of this vitamin.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that low levels of vitamin A will have minimal effect. The low dose vitamin A is sufficient to start building up the cellular stores of vitamin A and, more importantly, to start building up the retinoid receptors on the surface of the skin cells.

Younger skins should remain on Debut or Mild Creams but those with more mature skins, or particular needs, should move on to medium and higher levels of Vitamin A.