Obagi Medical Products Rosaclear


Effectively meeting the needs of rosacea patients with an all-in-one system that:

  • Treats redness and flushing, as well as inflammatory papules and pustules (acne-like pimples).
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and blotchiness. Helps achieve a clearer, calmer, more balanced-looking complexion.
  • Provides gentle, non-comedogenic skincare to calm and protect inflamed, irritated skin.
  • Delivers immediate benefits with continued improvement

Many patients may not realize that their facial redness,inflammation and flushing is rosacea.

  • Rosacea affects approximately 14 million Americans*
  • Only 1.1 million of those suffering seek treatment†
  • 79% of rosacea sufferers arenʼt aware that they need treatment for their skin condition