Facial and Leg Veins (Spider Veins)

Facial and Leg Veins (Spider Veins)

Facial Veins

For men as well as women, spider veins on the face are particularly disconcerting. Often mistakenly attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle, facial telangiectasia (tiny veins) are usually caused by excess sun exposure or genetic predisposition.

Dr. Surani offers Laser Vein Treatment with no significant pain, swelling, or downtime, permanently restoring the natural beauty of your face and legs.

Leg Veins

The presence of unsightly spider veins on the legs can ruin the appearance of an otherwise fit and healthy body, and add apparent age. The good news is that these fine red and blue veins can be addressed with the latest medical laser therapy. For more information, please see our Laser Vein Treatment.