AFA Clay-Peel Treatment in Toronto, ON

What is the AFA™ Clay-Peel?

The AFA Clay-Peel is among the most sophisticated facial skin care product available on the market. And it's available only through trained and certified physicians and medical professionals. The AFAs in the Clay-Peel are the same amino acids that are part of the natural moisturizing Factors (NMF) of human skin. Designed specifically to address aging skin, pigmentation irregularities (sun damage), and enlarged pores, the AFA Clay-Peel is a two-step non-surgical procedure that will help create smoother, softer and tighter skin. Best of all, it's fast, simple, and requires no down time. A series of 4-6 professional applications is recommended.

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What does the AFA™ Clay-Peel do?

The AFA Clay-Peel has two steps:

  1. The application of a clay mask.
  2. The exfoliating, refreshing peel

The clay mask draws out impurities, absorbs excess oil, and prepares the skin for the peel. The peel exfoliates dead skin cells and removes excess oil and other impurities from the skin with less irritation than most other AHAs or glycolic peels. Dramatic results can be seen immediately. Your skin will feel smoother, softer and tighter after the first application. Over a series of Clay peels, you will see improvements in the appearance of skin, uneven texture, and pigment irregularities, plus an improvement in the appearance of enlarged pores. For even faster results, we recommend using the AFA home care program between treatments. And we feature a full line of products that can be used after the AFA Clay-Peel to maintain the remarkable results.

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What should I expect from the two-step AFA™ Clay-Peel?

To achieve maximum results, your medical professional will choose the professional product that is ideal for your skin type. If the AFA Clay-Peel is right for you, the appropriate series of peels and products will be recommended. What should you expect during the procedure? First your face will be cleansed, toned, and dried. Second, a thin layer of mask is then applied and left on approximately for 5-6 minutes. The mask is then gently removed with water. Third, the AFA peel is applied on the face and left on for 1-2 minutes. At this time you may experience a mild tingling sensation that should only last a few moments. The peel is then rinsed from the skin and appropriate after-care is supplied by your medical professional. Your skin may experience some redness, which could last a few hours. This is normal.

Who is a good candidate for the AFA™ Clay-Peel?

Your physician and/or medical staff will help you decide if the AFA Clay-Peel is right for you. However, all image-conscious women or men concerned about the appearance of their skin are candidates, especially those with uneven texture, aging skin, pigmentation irregularities or enlarged pores. Also, concerns with breakouts (acne) do particularly well with our in-office professional treatments and products.

What are AFAs that are used in the AFA™ Clay-Peel?

exCel's patented AFAs are based on Amino Acids that occur naturally in the skin. They're related directly to the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. These amino acids are a vital factor in keeping the skin appearing healthy and youthful. AFAs are highly potent antioxidants yet extremely gentle exfoliants. AFAs are found to be less irritating than most other AHAs, glycolic acids, and other alpha hydroxy acids but equally effective.

Before and after pictures of a woman who received 6 of the AFA Clay-Peels and used the AFA Gel Mild between the professional treatments.

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