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Welcome to The Surani Clinic

We are located in Toronto’s Leaside neighbourhood and specialize in clinically informed approaches to anti-aging therapy and laser treatments.

Whether you are looking for non-invasive anti-aging treatments or the best laser hair removal services, Habibah Surani and her team are here for you!

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Habibah Surani is extremely well qualified and provides excellent, personalized and effective skin treatments. I have been impressed with the reduction in fine lines, redness, improvement in skin tone and less dry, flaky patches after facial laser treatments. The service at this clinic is welcoming and very professional. I would highly recommend it – especially for those who are new to laser treatments and perhaps a bit hesitant. Habibah will make you feel at home and comfortable as you experience the benefits of cutting edge skin treatments.

Maureen Smith

Habibah Surani is very professional and is a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with the results I have had on both hair removal and laser genesis. The Surani Clinic has lots of anti-aging, rosesea and hair removal options and the experience is personal and enjoyable.

Sam J

For years I agonized with my facial hair growth problem. I went for regular waxing, electrolysis and threading. NOTHING HELPED and I ended up spending a lot of money with no results. I was so reluctant to do laser hair removal. When I met Habibah Surani she advised me to do laser hair removal as it will also help with ingrown hairs, I trusted her and agreed. That was the best bold move from my part to be forever free of facial hair for many years now. Habibah handled my face with utmost care and she analyzed my skin and did a thorough examination of my face and hair. She has quite a number of lasers for hair removal and she used CoolGlide laser on me for it was the best laser for ethnic skin. She was gentle and cautious. Whenever I am in her clinic I get pampered with tender care. I had great results. I am truly grateful for her service and I would recommend her service to anyone who is hesitating to do a laser treatment. It was painless and it forever liberated me.

Mira Mm

Put simply, Habibah Surani is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in what she does, and she always takes great care with her clients to ensure that everyone receives the best treatment possible. She offers a myriad of services and I’ve been delighted with every treatment I’ve received from her. She analyzes your skin health quickly and understands what you need to maintain a healthy radiance. She kindly goes and gives beyond what you’d receive from any other spa or aesthetician. Having visited other skin treatment clinics in the past and having had a range of experiences at each of them, I am so grateful that I found Habibah. Her quality of work and her kind manner is nonpareil.

More Lessness

I have had the pleasure of being treated by Habibah Surani over the past several years. I have had microdermabrasion, IPL (limelight) and laser hair removal. The hair removal has been very effective. The IPL removed the brown pigmentations on my skin and continues to control my rosacea. Habibah is very professional. Her clinic is private and her equipment is up to date. I have and will continue to recommend her service.

Marney Charles

It’s one thing to enjoy the treatments – which I do – but what really makes the difference is when the people I run into every day tell me how good I’m looking. I take those comments as unsolicited affirmations of Habibah Surani’s work. And to me, it’s really worth it. Habibah is very professional. Her clinic is private and her equipment is up to date. I have and will continue to recommend her service. Client Info: age 47 / 5 treatments, “Yoga for the Skin” Vibraderm


For years I’d had these little red lines on my cheeks. Veins. I don’t even remember when I first noticed them, but by the time I met Habibah Surani, I’d gotten used to them, to seeing them in pictures, to wondering who else noticed them, but was too polite to say anything. I was in a place where I had just accepted them as an unfortunate part of the aging process. But now they’re gone. Zapped. It’s as simple as that. Client info: age 44 4 treatments, Laser Vein Therapy


There’s a certain kind of hair that doesn’t actually grow – it just suddenly appears. So you come home from a hard day at work, or an evening with old friends, and you look in the mirror and bang, it’s right there on your lip! It wasn’t there this morning, so where did it come from? It’s enough to ruin my whole day. Now, thanks to Surani, those ‘surprise’ hairs are going away. And they’re never coming back. Client info: Age 36 Ongoing treatment, Laser Permanent Hair Reduction


I was thinking about getting a facelift, which to me was weird because I don’t think of myself as a facelift kind of a person. But the person looking back at me in the mirror didn’t seem as young as I felt. Something seemed off-schedule. What I got from my sessions with Habibah Surani basically amounts to better mirror time. I really feel that I look like ‘Me’ again. Client info:  age 52 30-day Facial Boot Camp


I’ve been having treatments (Laser Genesis) at the Clinic for approximately 3 years. People have been comenting on how amazing my face looks. My complexion is alot more even and my face appears much younger than before I started. Habibah Surani is very professional and is very knowledgeable. I highly recomend this place to everyone.


Razia H
Razia H
Visited at the end of September 2020: I chose the Surani Laser Clinic to try Laser Genesis after reading all of the positive reviews. Dr. Surani is very knowledgeable and experienced. She walked me through the process and addressed any concerns that I had. Although, I have had only two sessions I have noticed my skin looking brighter. Looking forward to continuing once the COVID region restrictions are lifted. Highly recommend the Surani Clinic!
Jill Comeau-Laudisa
Jill Comeau-Laudisa
Dr. Surani is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in what she does, providing personalized and effective skin treatments. She will clearly tell you what to anticipate, and will manage your expectations as far as results go. She has a personal touch - she gives beyond what you'd receive from any other spa or aesthetician. She cares about her clients and is flexible with her time.
Lt Lord
Lt Lord
This is not just laser hair removal. I have done that which is great, but mostly go for the laser genesis. I have been going for a couple of years now, and definitely notice a difference in my skin, especially when I stopped going. Dr. Surani is a lovely person and always offers great advice on what treatments are best suited for your skin. I highly recommend the Surani Laser Clinic!
Diane playlist summer 2019 Hy
Diane playlist summer 2019 Hy
I’ve been going to see Dr. Surani now for over 5 years and love her professionalism and services. Not only does her facials do wonders for my skin but she is very personable and her customer service is top notch.
Alicia D
Alicia D
I have seen an amazing improvement in the quality of my skin since going to the Surani clinic. Habibah is extremely knowledgeable and makes you instantly feel at ease. I highly recommend!
Sheryl Guillera
Sheryl Guillera
Dr. Surani is awesome and one of the sweetest. I have been going to her for the past year and I have seen slow progressive and significant results on my skin.
Charlene C
Charlene C
Very professional , friendly & knowledgeable about laser technology & skin issues. I've been seeing her for a few years . Laser genesis has helped with improving redness on my skin , shrinking my pores & smoothing fine lines , will continue going , thank you ! 5 stars ⭐️
Poul Nielsen
Poul Nielsen
Dr Surani is excellent. I highly recommend!
Aishwarya netha
Aishwarya netha
Ciara Wait
Ciara Wait

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