Vibraderm Microdermabrasion Treatment

Take your skin from dull and tired to bright, even, and radiant. The original “lunchtime” procedure, this treatment has no discomfort, no downtime, and maximum results.  

Vibraderm uses state-of-the-art technology and is a very effective way to smooth your skin’s acne scars, signs of aging and hyperpigmentationThe treatment is quick, and the client feels a gentle vibration on the skin. Clients inevitably comment on how silky, smooth and fresh their skin appears after this treatment. 

Large areas of skin can be treated evenly with less irritation. The face and neck remain the most popular areas. Clients have also had their backs, arms, hands, knees, legs, and thighs treated. Nearly any part of the body can be treated. 

Targeted Skin Concerns: 


What to Expect  

The treatment feels like a gentle vibration on the skin. There is no suction involved, so there is no pain and no formation of unwanted and unsightly blood vessels. Clients inevitably comment on how silky smooth and fresh their skin appears after this treatment. After removing the dead skin, a paddle is used to infuse medical-grade skin products, including a vitamin cream and an effective, medical-grade sunscreen. 

Vibraderm™ uses a patented, vibrating 30mm by 30mm paddle capable of covering the face, neck, and décolleté in only ten minutes. The Vibraderm™ paddle is made of surgical-grade stainless steel and has a large surface coated with fixed abrasives. 

There is no downtime with microdermabrasion, so you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. 

How many treatments do you recommend? 

Although one treatment yields excellent results, microdermabrasion works more effectively when performed as a series of four to six treatments administered a week or two apart. We also combine microdermabrasion with many of our laser treatments for optimal results.  

Vibraderm Treatment Packages

Exceptional results are achieved by combining microdermabrasion with Laser Genesis treatments. This allows the benefits of exfoliation by microdermabrasion to be combined with laser light therapy’s healing effects. 


Face and Neck:

      • Single session: $125
      • 4 sessions : $400
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