Laser Skin Packages in Toronto

Basic Anti-Aging Package

Our Anti-Aging Laser Skin Packages in Toronto combine specialized and targeted treatments which aim to eliminate sun damage and sagging skin, improve your skin’s texture and stimulate collagen production for an overall toned complexion.


2D Anti-Aging Package (3 Laser Genesis and 3 Limelight Photofacials)

The combination of the two treatment types improves sun-damaged skin (facial redness and sunspots) and texture, tone and collagen production.  

The package consists of a total of six treatments: 

LimeLight photo-facials (IPL) target the top layer of skin (epidermis), whereas Laser Genesis targets the upper layer of the dermis. The combination of these two approaches improves the overall complexion. 

Total price: $1200.00

3DEffect and | The Surani Clinic - East York , Toronto Laser Skin Packages in Toronto

3D Anti-Aging Package (3 Laser Genesis, 3 Limelight Photofacials, 3 Titan Skin Tightening)

Discover our most popular the gold standard for skin improvement with our 3D Skin Rejuvenation Laser Skin Packages in Toronto!   

This package combines the best of Titan™, Laser Genesis and LimeLight IPL to absolutely transform your skin by targeting three layers – epidermis, upper dermis and deep dermis.  

Aging skin almost always has redness, spider veins and brown spots, large pores and fine wrinkles. Skin texture and appearance can be improved remarkably with Laser Genesis and LimeLight IPL while being tightened with Titan™. This 3D combination of therapies goes far in stimulating new collagen production. 

The package for face consists of nine procedures for the lower face: 

      • 3 Titan™ Laser treatments for face
      • 3 LimeLight photo-facials (also known as IPL)  
      • 3 Laser Genesis facials. 

Total price: $2500.00

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Experience state-of-theart technology for permanent hair reduction with our CoolGlide™ ND-Yag and Pro Wave lasers. These treatments are safe and effective for all skin types.  

At the Surani Clinic, we offer a complimentary consultation and spot testing during appointments. 

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Contact us for pricing, as prices depend on the size of the treatment area.  

Turn back the clock with our amazing skin tightening package! Titan™ is perfect for targeting sagging skin throughout the body, including the face, abdomen and upper arms. Reverse the signs of aging with this non-surgical laser treatment that uses infrared heat to tighten the skin.  

Our packages for the face and neck include three treatments.  


Face Only

      • Single session: $500
      • 3 Sessions: $1250

Lower Face and Upper Neck Jowl area (Most Popular)

      • Single session $750
      • 3 Sessions $2,200

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Vibraderm exfoliation targets uneven skin tones, texture, and damage caused by sun exposure and acne, without any post-treatment downtime. 

Each of our three Vibraderm packages varies according to your preference and aims to stimulate collagen, revealing soft, glowing, younger-looking skin. We include an infusion of medical-grade skin products during our Vibraderm treatment sessions. 



This classic package offers skin exfoliation and collagen stimulation to treat uneven skin toneenlarged pores, and fine lines.  

This package includes six Vibraderm™ sessions for $500 


Vibraderm and Limelight  

Include our Limelight Photo-facial (IPL) treatment in this package and further target sun spots, uneven texture and sun-damaged skin. 

This package includes: 

      • 4 Vibraderm  
      • LimeLight IPL  

Price: $800.00

Vibraderm and Laser Genesis 

This is our deluxe package, which is ideal for reducing fine lines, redness, uneven skin texture, and stimulating collagen. 

This package includes:

      • 4 Vibraderm  
      • 4 Laser Genesis  

Price: $800.00

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What to Expect  

The Cutera® CoolGlide® Xeo™ laser heats the middle layer of the skin gently. When the cells in that layer reach a specific temperature, they start secreting new collagen and elastin. After a few Laser Genesis treatments, you will see minimized pores and a more even skin tone. Most patients describe the laser as though they are out in the sun by the beach – but without the damaging UV rays. It improves pore size, texture, facial redness, acne scars and the appearance of rosacea. This laser facial is comfortable with zero downtime. Laser Genesis is safe to do every 2 to 4 weeks for those looking to see maximum results.

While the effects of one laser genesis treatment are visible in a matter of days, the best results occur after a series of treatments. 

Prices for Laser Genesis procedure

Face only

      • Single session: $250
      • 6 sessions : $1200.00

Neck or Chest

      • Single session: $200
      • 6 sessions : $900.00

Face and Neck or Chest

      • Single session: $300
      • 6 sessions : $1500.00

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What to Expect  

During the treatment, clients will experience a mild pinching sensation. A soothing gel is used to cool the skin before treatment. When the pulse of light is delivered, pigmentation in the skin fades, resulting in a more even and brighter complexion. The powerful pulses targets age and sun spots, facial redness and tiny blood vessels. With minimal downtime, this effective, non invasive treatment addresses uneven skin tone at the source so that you can feel confident in your complexion without any makeup.  Downtime includes some swelling and redness and the pigmented spots will appear darker, similar to coffee ground texture which will fade or flake off in 1 to 2 weeks.

Photorejuvenation can have a lasting effect on the patient. However, this treatment does not prevent the skin from aging. We usually recommend regular treatments for best results.. 


Face only

      • Single session: $250
      • 6 sessions: $1200

Neck or Chest

      • Single session: $300
      • 4 sessions : $900

Face and Neck or Chest

      • Single session: $400
      • 4 sessions : $1400

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