Facial Redness (Rosacea)

Rosacea is a common condition which, left untreated, can cause serious problems. Most people who suffer from rosacea are not aware of the condition. Early signs of rosacea include persistent redness of the face that comes and goes and becomes more constant over time. Blood vessels can become visible, and the face appears more flushed. Rosacea is difficult to cure but can be reduced and controlled, and responds best when caught in its early stages.  

Rosacea can affect anyone but is most common in people who have fair skin. Symptoms of rosacea include: 

      • Flushing/blushing for no apparent reason 
      • Persistent redness 
      • Pimples 
      • Sensitivity to topical applications 
      • Visible blood vessels 
      • Enlarged nose 

Recommended Services 

We use LimeLight™ IPL and Laser Genesis to treat Rosacea, and have seen remarkable success in eliminating redness, flushing and visible blood vessels. 

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