COVID-19 Safety Measures

View our Appointment Safety Plan before your visit. 

At The Surani Clinic, we are taking all  COVID-19 Safety measures to protect the health and safety of our clients and staff. All appropriate measures are being taken at the clinic to meet or exceed provincial and city health and safety standards. 

Client visits are spaced well apart in time to facilitate thorough sanitization of surfaces and equipment. We use disposable items for each procedure. We are not accepting walk-in clients. 

Your Appointment Safety Plan 

Prior To Your Visit: We will send you a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. The questionnaire is to be completed and brought to the appointment by clients who are attending or sent via email.. We ask that clients use the restroom at home or at work before their visit to minimize contact points at the clinic. 

Please do not come into the clinic if: 

  • You are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms  
  • You have been recently in contact with someone who is ill  
  • You can be identified as someone who has a higher risk of infection 

Upon Arrival: Clients are asked to arrive unaccompanied and no more than five minutes before the scheduled appointment time. A mask that completely covers your mouth and nose must be worn at all times while in the clinic(A disposable mask may be purchased at the clinic for $1). 

During Treatment: We have removed most of the seating, and the client will be ushered to the treatment table. We sanitize all surfaces and equipment thoroughly prior to the appointment. The staff member performing your treatment will be wearing a mask and other personal protective equipment during the appointment. 

Thank you for reading our COVID-19 Safety Measures.

Stay safe, and thank you for supporting The Surani Clinic.