To Get Beach-Ready Safely with the Best Laser Hair Removal in Toronto, the best time to start is in the fall. The Surani Clinic has been doing laser hair removal in Toronto for the last 15 years. Removal of unwanted hair has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in recent years for women as well as men. Laser hair removal clinics and Medical spas can be seen sprouting all around Toronto.

The following information may assist you to find a suitable place for you.

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method, which does not require needles or messy chemical creams. Since thousands of hairs can be zapped in a single treatment session, large areas like the back, shoulders, arms and legs can be effectively and efficiently treated. The procedure has no downtime and no anesthesia required. However, there is no single laser that can effectively treat all skin types.

Light skinned people need  short pulse for efficient hair removal, while dark skinned people require a longer pulse to ensure safety and to protect the skin. Our laser has a unique design, longer wave length, and innovative cooling design which allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results with the use of  the American Dermatology Society’s “laser of the year”, the Cutera® Xeo. In addition we use a Zimmer cooling device to make the treatment even more comfortable.

The laser energy passes through the skin to the hair follicle, where the energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and hair follicle, without damaging delicate pores and structures of the skin.

Laser hair removal is convenient, safe and efficient. While no laser can guarantee hair-free skin, the laser will remove up to 75%–95% of hair. At first glance, the cost of laser hair removal does seem high. However, in the long run, laser hair removal is the smart way to remove unwanted hair and should save you money.

Just imagine the convenience of having long lasting smooth skin without constant shaving, waxing or electrolysis. It is important that every treatment is performed by the same medically trained professional for consistent and safe results.

Get Beach-Ready Quickly, Safely and Efficiently!

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