Mira Mm

For years I agonized with my facial hair growth problem. I went for regular waxing, electrolysis and threading. NOTHING HELPED and I ended up spending a lot of money with no results. I was so reluctant to do laser hair removal. When I met Habibah Surani she advised me to do laser hair removal as it will also help with ingrown hairs, I trusted her and agreed. That was the best bold move from my part to be forever free of facial hair for many years now. Habibah handled my face with utmost care and she analyzed my skin and did a thorough examination of my face and hair. She has quite a number of lasers for hair removal and she used CoolGlide laser on me for it was the best laser for ethnic skin. She was gentle and cautious. Whenever I am in her clinic I get pampered with tender care. I had great results. I am truly grateful for her service and I would recommend her service to anyone who is hesitating to do a laser treatment. It was painless and it forever liberated me.